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Your peace of mind is our first priority. We will get your plumbing problem solved quickly and at the lowest reasonable fair price. Our first priority is to be trusted enough for repeat business and maybe even a referral.

Leaky Faucets and Sinks

We have highly rated professionals in the field of faucet and leak repair. Is a dripping faucet driving you crazy? A leaking toilet can cause a full home remodel if its not taken care of properly. We are here to handle all the issue that can arise- you can feel confient trusting Plumbing Prairieville to cover all that troubles you. 

Professional Bathtub Repair

You know the feeling when you finish a nice hot relaxing bath and you pull the plug to drain your tub… and realize that long after your hair is dry, there is still water in the tub? Check the drain plunger and NOTHING is happening!!!

You know what to do…

Call the bathtub repair experts at Plumbing Prairieville, LA

Toilet Won't Stop Running

A running toilet may not seem like much trouble, but it adds up quickly besides the annoyance and the never ending sound. Think of it like leaving you garden hose on a trickle 24/7, at the end of the month, your have flushed alot of water down the drain. Most running toilet problems can be solved in under 30 minutes by our professionals.


Toilet Clog

Never underestimate what your toilet is trying to tell you when it struggles to flush. Its sending up red flags that this small concern can turn into a large problem very soon. Plumbing Prairieville specializes in clean running drains and free flowing pipes. If you have concerns about your toilet flushing slowly or having to plunge too often, call us today. We know what to do! 

Garbage Disposal Trouble

Garbage disposals are helpful tools. They have changed the way we clean up for the better. They can’t work magic though. Sometimes your garbage disposal can be given items that it can’t process, somethings can get stuck causing problems with the drainage, operation and motor. No need to worry, Plumbing Prairieville have a team of experts that can repair or replace your garbage disposal in no time.

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We would love to get in touch with you! Call today and see how the premier plumbing company in Prairieville works! Include us in your home remodeling project. 


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