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Clogged drains are pretty common—but very frustrating. The more wear and tear the drain gets, the greater likelihood of clogs forming. But we all know that there is no avoiding using our plumbing drains. They are a non-negotiable in modern life. So here are a few things you can do to reduce the frequency of recurring drain clogs in your home.

Common Causes

Common causes of drain clogging are accumulation of soap scum, grease, oil, hair, food, and other debris. In other cases, it could be offset pipes if your home is older, or tree roots growing into your water pipes causing dirt and debris to enter the system, causing a lot a damage and decay.

Regular drain cleaning and routine plumbing maintenance are the best ways to avoid these problems. Install drain covers, strainers, screens, and/or traps to catch larger debris before they can be washed down drains. Avoid drain issues in your kitchen sink by installin a garbage disposal. This will also help you prevent drain issues caused by food that is washed down the drain.

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No problem is too big or too minor for Prairieville Plumbing to handle when it comes to plumbing concerns. Avoid wasting your time and energy by attempting to unclog the drain on your own. Instead, rely on Prairieville Plumbing’s professionals for all of your drain cleaning needs.

What makes Prairieville Plumbing worth calling? They not only have years of experience in the industry, but they also have the most up-to-date equipment and technology to complete the task quickly and successfully. They are aware of the disruption and added stress that a clogged drain may cause to your regular routine. Because of this, their team of experts is committed to offering rapid and dependable service, making sure that your drains are clean and operating efficiently in no time.

We Are Here to Help!

Regardless of what the fundamental cause of your drain issue was, such as grease accumulation, hair clogs, tree root incursion, or any other problem, Prairieville Plumbing has the knowledge to identify and fix it. Their knowledgeable professionals will locate the source of the obstruction and completely remove it using cutting-edge tools like hydro jetting or sewer cameras.

Your day shouldn’t be ruined by a clogged drain. Give Prairieville Plumbing a call right now, and their knowledgeable staff will take care of all your drain cleaning requirements quickly and competently. You can rely on them to leave you with clean, ready-to-handle drains because to their experience and dedication to customer satisfaction!


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