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Don’t take your water heaters for granted. If you are in need of a water heater repair at any point, having to wait for service can be really frustrating. Nobody likes to take cold showers for days, and being unable to cook or wash things as you’re used to can also be difficult.

Unfortunately, 30–50% of water is lost through aging plumbing infrastructure. Every drop of clean water is precious and needs to be protected. And lost water equals not only wasted hydration for residents, but also wasted money in a tight economy.

Leak Detection, Prairieville, LA

How Important is Leak Detection

Water that is lost through leaks and cracks in pipes and their fit­tings is a waste. Since most infrastructure is underground, it is almost impossible to visually determine the location of these leaks unless the water has breached the surface (causing puddling and sink holes, structural damage, washed out and buckling pavement, etc.), and the exact location may be difficult to find. Leak detection often requires special technologies that allow inspectors to precisely determine the location and severity of pipeline leaks. This is a field that continues to grow and advance by utilizing both established technology and by adopting innovative methods. Prairieville Plumbing is always learning and advancing in the field of leak detection.

Leaks Are Bad For Your Water

Water lost through leaks or waste never makes it to users and is lost to the ground water systems. I could be considered as simply as leaving a garden hose running in the grass. The water is absorbed into the ground and works it’s way into the water table. From this stage it needs to be drawn out and purified again before it can be used. And if water can get out, impurities (soil, bacteria, organics, etc.) can get in and impair the quality of the water, even rendering it unfit to drink. Available and emerging technologies are designed to detect and prevent physical water losses. These will continue over time until they are detected. The accumulation of losses over long durations can result in signi­ficant losses even from insignificant leaks. 

What You Can Do NOW

If you are experiencing an unexplained increase in your water bill, call Prairieville Plumbing immediately for an inspection. There may be water pouring out of your system without your knowledge and without the benefit of your enjoyment of it. 

Familiarize yourself with your property and your water line locations. Chart a simple line between your water main shut off in your yard and your house. Walk your property often to inspect the ground between your water main shut off valve and your home. Make sure there are no soft spots forming in the grass, or thin, unfamiliar grass species growing up that you didn’t recognize before. There are instances where excessive ground moisture causes wetland friend grasses to grow up. Or excessive groundwater can cause cavities underground, making sinkholes or soft spongy ground. 

The Point Is...

All of these are signs that action must be taken immediately. Call us for a leak detection inspection today. Prairieville Plumbing is equipped with emerging leak detection technologies that give early detection. We want to find and mend leaks before they cause unnecessary water and financial loss. Clean water is alway precious and should be protected. Wasted water is unfortunate for a world where it is genuinely scarce. We are blessed with a beautiful supply of fresh clean water and we should protect it as best as possible.

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